NCGS offers you expert surveillance services for a variety of needs to clients in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina. Whether you are worried that a spouse is unfaithful, require insurance fraud surveillance, or need us to keep an eye on an employee, we can help.

Our NC surveillance services include:

Our private detective and surveillance experts can solve many complex situations in the most efficient way possible. Using state of the art equipment and years of proven experience, our NC private investigators can provide the actual photo evidence needed to resolve various important matters of concern. Although many other situations can be resolved by surveillance as well, the most common of these kinds of situations are: cheating spouses (adultery and infidelity), divorce/child custody and worker’s comp/fraud cases. Simply put, digital video is taken of the person or persons of concern without their knowledge in order to clarify the truth of the matter at hand. It sounds simple enough, but it usually takes an experienced expert to accomplish this in the best way possible. In many cases GPS vehicle tracking can also be used. Whether the evidence is needed for court or for private, personal reasons, our surveillance experts can provide you with the swift, personalized clarification you need. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand volumes. Please call NC Global Solutions INC at 800-819-6947 for affordable rates and additional information.

Divorce and Child Custody Surveillance Services

During a domestic and child custody investigation our primary concern is the well-being and the best interest of the child. The most important part of these investigations is that our investigations help parents provide the evidence using surveillance in court that will assist them with their custody battle. Our investigations have uncovered child abuse, child endangerment and parents exposing children to drugs and alcohol. Our investigations have also helped parents uncover unauthorized overnight guests. Divorce and Child custody matters often require quick, time sensitive clarifications so that you, the client, can proceed with the benefit of the truth. This usually requires a skillful combination of surveillance and records checks as well as court testimony in some cases. Whether you need clarification for your own private needs or for an ongoing court case, we can address these matters efficiently and confidentially with a broad range of resources.

Employee Theft Surveillance

Whether it’s employees stealing scrap materials, abusing workers’ compensation or FMLA programs, violating non-competes or overbilling vendors; employee theft is a problem. Is your company at risk? Employee theft is five times greater than customer theft. In fact, 20 percent of employees commit theft at some point. Of those, 75 percent steal repeatedly. Employees steal over a billion dollars a week from unknowing employers. Honest employees often know theft is occurring but hesitate to inform management of the problem. Most of the time, there are warning signs that theft is occurring through declining profits, unexplained inventory losses, rumors and other discrepancies. Management usually doesn’t know how to deal with the problem until they forced to face a crippling loss. There are ways to detect and prevent theft related losses within your business. You have to know what to do. Hiring a private detective will provide the company solid proof of theft. Criminal prosecution will send a message to other employees’ that theft will be prosecuted.

Surveillance for Worker’s Compensation and Insurance Fraud

Worker’s compensation fraud is a very costly crime and usually requires expert surveillance to stop the damages. Our experts are experienced in discreetly handling these matters with top efficiency. Providing the best results possible in the least amount of time possible is our constant goal. Digital video of the subject is provided whenever significant activity is observed along with background / records checks and additional supporting information when needed. GPS vehicle tracking can also be used in certain cases.