Cell Phones

NC Cell Tower Data Analysis

NC Global Solutions INC reviews CDR (Cell Phone Detailed Records) and provides analysis of the data for most major cell phone carriers. We can even assist in obtaining the records in the event the records are needed.

NC Police and Federal Authorities are relying on these records to aid in the conviction in the commission of crimes. Why rely on their interpretation of the data, which be could skewed? Have an independent assessment of their records.

We will review the data and provide an analysis, and we will map out the cell tower locations to aid in our explanation of the data. Our investigators have been conducting cell phone data and cell tower analysis for over 15 years in both the public and private sector. NCGS is recognized as an Expert Witnesses in the field of Cell Tower Data Analysis for the North Carolina Capital Defenders Office, as well as North Carolina Indigent Defense Services.

Cell Phone Examination

NCGS is experienced and trained in the examination of cell phones. We are able to extract data from cell phones without changing or altering the data.

Some of the information we can retrieve:

  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • Photographs
  • Maps
  • Internet history (if internet capable)
  • Location of user (in some cases)

How much data recovered or obtained depends on the make and model of the cell phone. Currently in NC we are capable of retrieving data from 90% of cell phones currently on the market today.

NC Global Solutions INC examines and provides you with a professional report on the analysis. We are recognized as an expert witness on Cell Phone Examinations for the North Carolina Capital Defenders Office, and the North Carolina Indigent Defense Services. Call us at 800-819-6947 or contact us for additional information.