At NC Global Solutions INC, we employ state of the art equipment beyond what the ordinary investigators use, combined with experienced and trained private investigator services in Raleigh and the surrounding areas, making us the preeminent choice.

We specialize in surveillance, background checks, telephone research, information gathering and investigative research, all of which are conducted by a licensed private investigator. Within this expertise, we provide a vast number of investigative services and specialize in the following areas for our clients:

NC Global Solutions INC maintains strict Confidently and will not disclose any information without consent except to the client. In North Carolina if a Private Investigator is working with an attorney, or client under the attorney direction, there are some extra protections that may apply, under the Attorney Client privilege. Investigators’ information and reports could be covered under the Attorney/Client Work Product.

NC Global Solutions INC is an active member of NC Association of Private Investigators. The code of ethics dealing with the public details what Private Investigators should adhere to.

If you are in need of expert private investigation services, please give us a call toll-free at (800) 819-6947 or send an email to